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As we head rapidly toward the decentralized web ecosystems of the Web3 era, it is becoming increasingly obvious that traditional operators cannot meet its demands. Limited horizontal scaling, poor technical transparency, fixed locations, and an inability to integrate stand out as major shortcomings. But in fact, commercial inflexibility may prove to be their greatest downfall of all.

Fixed, long-term agreements and a rigid approach to service management still characterise the offerings of traditional players, which inhibit the operations of growth-focused technology businesses and many others. The next generation of the Internet will be defined by decentralized, disaggregated solutions that are autonomous and location agnostic, benefitting large and small organisations alike. By better understanding the features of this future Internet, we can truly appreciate the disruption that old-fashioned carriers now face.

Openness and Access

Openness is set to be the cornerstone of Web3, with emerging technology providers working closely with their traditional counterparts. At the heart of this is the removal of both regional and commercial boundaries, which legacy operators have traditionally contributed to with tie-ins and contractual limitations.

New levels of availability and flexibility will also be synonymous with the next era of connectivity. Unfaltering service level uptime and the ability to make instantaneous requirement changes are what we mean by this, which legacy network operators currently fall far short of.

In comparison, we frequently see the customer bases of traditional players suffer service interruptions, maintenance alerts and lengthy stretches of downtime, with the subsequent latency and risk impacting the operations of business customers. Even when traditional services are running normally, many operators deem 50Gbps to 100Gbps to be high capacity, with some positioning this as a complex and challenging service to maintain.

Stelia Proposition is Simple:
To us, on-demand means on-demand. No setup fee's, no minimum order or long term commitments, no port costs - just pay for what you use. Access our growing network of Data Centres and networks, backed by 100% uptime guarantee.

Scale, Security and Simplicity

Scalability and security will also be central features of the new era of connectivity, which will be vital to nurturing the demands of next generation platforms and ecosystems. These are both prominent weak points for legacy carriers, which stifle scalability and lack the visibility required to support secure operations in today’s threat landscape.

Not only will higher levels of performance be demanded by future connectivity providers, but services will also need to be simpler and more affordable. This will call for a consistent deployment framework that grants greater control to users, and more flexible commercial agreements that support agility. Today’s legacy carriers not only fail to meet the functional demands of the Web3 future, but the services they offer are expensive and lock customers in.


The Next Generation

The global connectivity backbone of the future will need to be fundamentally different, and Stelia brings a trailblazing new vision to the world stage. Delivered via a global, carrier-class network-as-service platform, Stelia Fabric extends leading connectivity capability to edge data centres, metro regions and tech campuses alike. With 100% uptime, the highly resilient optical network achieves more than 120Tbps, and harnesses smart automation.

User service control is going to be fundamental in the world of Web3, whereby customers can scale up and down on demand and have influence over the way services are built. Transparency, a strong focus on the network edge, and the capacity for aggregation will also be vital, features which Stelia Fabric has been designed around. Crucially, Stelia also operates without port costs, upfront costs, and port policing, making connectivity both more affordable and conducive to innovation and scaling.

Demonstrating the global ambitions and advanced connectivity Stelia offers, we have ports providing up to 400G in all locations, with seven facilities already piloting capabilities of up to 800G. With 24 data centres spanning the United Kingdom, Northern Europe and the East Coast of the United States, Stelia is rapidly becoming the leading challenger in the space. We are proud to be delivering on our mission to redefine high capacity network services, and to lay the foundations for the next generation of connectivity.

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