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What we do

Stelia brings transparency, speed, flexibility and ease of access to an industry that’s traditionally been anything but.

100% Uptime SLA

Stelia provides 100% service uptime Service Level Availability guarantee across all serices built across 2 or more ports. Our network backbone is truly carrier capable, and Web 3 ready. With ports from 1-800G available, you’re in control of your service design and availability.

Consumption Only Billing

Stelia freedom tariff enables truly free access to the Fabric. No port costs, no setup fee’s, no minimum order commitments, no fixed charges. Pay only for what data you consume either to the internet, between facilites, or to another provider, at less than £0.001p per GB.

Carrier Ready

A true replacement for provider backbone dark fibre. Provision carrier class point-to-point or point-to-multipoint circuits with unlimited bandwidth. Access new locations and providers with limitless capacity.

Extended Reach

Our network’s global presence enables you to expand the reach of your business. Connect with ease between hundreds of colocation facilities around the world, and to cloud, IX , Network and SaaS providers.

Flexible Terms

Goodbye to inflexible connectivity models. Connect to multiple cloud, Saas, IX, marketplace providers and hundreds of data center locations from each port, on demand, with no fixed recurring or setup costs.


Stelia was built for high capacity, with hundreds of Tbps across our backbone already lit and live, we’re enabling hyperscale storage, global CDNs, public and private clouds and limitless streaming with ultra-high bandwidth.

Stelia Enables


Network Access

Establish and consume direct connectivity from any network provider on Fabric at any location. From domestic Tier 1's, global carriers, to international regional specialists, financial services, HSCN, NHS, JANET and more.

SaaS Access

Enable ultra-fast guaranteed connectivity to the heart of critical enterprise software providers, including Salesforce, SAP, Netsuite, Dynamics, Oracle, Servce Now and many more.

IX Access

Participate directly with the busiest internet ecosystems in the world. Peer directly with LINX, DECIX, AMSIX, JEDIX, NOVA, NetIX and more with IX access at Stelia.

Internet Access

Stelia provides transit ports from 1-400G with zero entry costs, unlimited capacity on-demand, with usage based billing, and real time visibility of all services. Our regional and international IP Egress nodes enable our selective pool.

Cloud Access

Connect to directly to AWS, IBM, Azure, G-Cloud and more, plus Private Cloud and specialist Cloud operators through our growing marketplace of connected infrastructure operators.

Colocation Access

Access major Data Centre ecosystems as well as a growing number of enabled Regional and true Edge Data Centres across The UK, Europe and North America with a virtual cross connect.
Network as a Service

True NaaS Automation


Connect to Stelia in any one of our growing network of Fabric enabled Data Centres located within major cities, and our growing list of enabled regional and true edge locations.


Order new ports in any Stelia enabled facility at port speeds to suit you, or select an existing Stelia port. Stelia has fabric ports available between 1G and 800G across all facilities.


Decide your service build and configure on demand. One service to one port, one service to many ports, or many services to one port. You’re in control of the service design.


Scale up services, connect to new partners, enable new facilities or consume real time traffic and availability information via our API service and real time Data Feeds built for Slack or MS Teams.


Connect to your Community via Marketplace.

Connect with a growing marketplace of hundreds of network service and facilities providers, software applications and public and private clouds. Stelia enables enterprises to connect to their network of service providers from any facility, at any speed. With a single Stelia port, thousands of opportunities for collaboration become available.

Connect with the community

Reach new locations

Stelia are enabling over 150 new locations, and thousands of technology providers, creating the most powerful connected marketplace of Data Centres and Service Providers in the world.


What sets us apart

Transparent Pricing

We beleve in simple and transparent service pricing. Our billing structures are based around a consumption model of paying for what you use and only when you use it. No port costs, reservation fee's, or fixed charges.

Growing Marketplace

Our growing marketplace of connected network providers, data centres, clouds and IX's is free to consume and collaborate with. Establish peer-to -peer connections on demand, all with 100% service SLA.

Service Control

With Stelia, you're in control. Build services via Web Gui, Mobile App, API or as code. Consume real time service analytics, flows and availability with native integrations to Microsoft Teams, Slack and PageDuty.
your perfect partner

Bring Your Own Provider.

Need a specific provider available on Stelia? Let us know, and we'll get them connected, free of charge.

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We’re on a mission to enable emerging edge facilities and scale-up cloud providers with our high capacity on-demand connectivity fabric.

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