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As the data deluge reshapes the digital landscape Stelia is revolutionizing the way AI businesses address new data mobility challenges.

Beyond recognizing that traditional access solutions are unable to meet the demands of AI applications and workloads, we solve for true data mobility with an entirely new platform. There is nothing else like Stelia.

Our mission is to empower AI builders with the ultra-fast, flexible, and scalable global data mobility platform they need to thrive in this new era. Without boundaries.

Industry Solutions

Addressing Customer Challenges to Accelerate innovation.

AI and Machine Learning

Accelerate AI Innovation with Modern Data Mobility

Stelia serves as the on-ramp to emerging technology platforms and providers, enabling seamless access to cutting-edge AI and ML resources including AI storage platforms, GPU clouds and public clouds.

Our modern data mobility platform provides the agility and performance necessary to support even the most demanding AI and ML workloads, enabling seamless collaboration and data exchange across the entire AI ecosystem.

Unmatched Performance

Ultra-low latency of less than 1 millisecond and Terabit-scale bandwidth

Flexible Scalability

Easily scale your network resources up or down to match the evolving needs of your AI and ML projects

Seamless Integration

Cross-connect to public clouds, GPU cloud and AI storage platforms

Take Control

Code-driven scaling and usage-based pricing puts you in control

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Data Centre Operators

There's Nothing Else Like Stelia's Data Mobility Platform

Our modern data mobility platform is designed to help data centre platform operators and GPU CSPs meet the rapidly evolving needs of their customers.

Stelia provides the flexibility, scalability, and performance necessary to support GPU cloud providers, colocation data centres, IXP's, bare metal, and public and private cloud environments, ensuring that you are ready for the AI data deluge.

Enhanced Connectivity

Our modern, low-latency high capacity network infrastructure enables idata centres and CSPs to offer their customers superior data mobility.

Operational Efficiency

Stelia's data mobility platform simplifies network management and orchestration, reducing operational complexity with our code driven toolset.

Increased Scalability

Scale network resources to anticipate realtime changes

Competitive Advantage

Differentiate your services and attract new customers seeking advanced connectivity solutions

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Innovation Partners

We work with the innovators, the builders and the tech disruptors to deliver a faster more connected world – let’s go together.

Be part of the global community redefining the boundaries of what's possible in AI.
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Customer Quotes

"The data center sector is the cornerstone to the growth of digitalization. The future relies on connectivity and bandwidth too; as such, we are privileged to announce our partnership with Stelia, an ultra-high bandwidth network service provider, enabling multi-terabit internet connectivity for accelerated compute environments."

Henry Daunert, CEO of AQ Compute

"Our partnership with Stelia kicks off at GTC 2024, where we'll jointly showcase solutions that seamlessly match network connectivity with global availability of AI-ready data centers."

Andrew Jay, Head of Data Centre Solutions, Advisory & Transaction Services EMEA, CBRE

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