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London, UK – 21 March 2024 – Two innovators come together to deliver efficient, high–capacity data exchange to meet the challenges of accelerating IP traffic volumes and harness the full potential of real-time and near-real-time applications .

Stelia, a next-generation Internet carrier engineered for high-capacity native elastic connectivity services, and Telehouse Europe, a leading global data centre service provider, have today announced a partnership to launch Stelia’s pioneering Stelia IX solution, a high-capacity Layer 3 Internet exchange service. Stelia IX revolutionizes global connectivity and data exchange efficiency with Telehouse Europe as a key anchor location.  

The new partnership comes at a critical juncture as IP traffic volumes continue to surge with a 22% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in Western Europe. This trend is largely driven by the proliferation of content-rich applications such as video streaming, social media, and gaming, which together account for around 80% of all data traffic and is leading to a significant shift toward more localized traffic patterns. 

By facilitating efficient, high-capacity data exchange and reducing reliance on traditional transit services, Stelia IX enables Telehouse Europe clients to optimize their network costs and improve overall profitability, at the same time empowering them to dramatically extend their reach into distributed ecosystems by making it highly accessible to a wide range of organizations, from small-scale enterprises to established ISPs and content providers. 

Tobias Hooton, CEO at Stelia, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “We are thrilled to partner with Telehouse Europe to bring our revolutionary Stelia IX solution to market. As the demand for seamless, high-performance connectivity continues to advance, Stelia and Telehouse Europe are well-positioned to shape the future of Internet 3.0 infrastructure. The launch of Stelia IX with Telehouse Europe announces the beginning of a transformation to redefine the way businesses connect, collaborate and innovate.” 

Nick Layzell, Customer Success Director for Telehouse Europe, echoed this sentiment “Telehouse Europe is proud to stand at the forefront of innovation alongside Stelia. The integration of Stelia IX into our service offering represents a transformative milestone for clients seeking advanced peering and connectivity capabilities which meet the need for reduced latency, enhanced network performance and optimized traffic control. This collaboration continues to position Telehouse Europe at the vanguard of technological innovation with a potent competitive advantage for an increasingly dynamic and distributed market. It also ensures that we continue to provide our customers with access to a range of connectivity options and partners” 

Stelia IX delivering unparalleled speed and reliability for Telehouse Europe customers  

To demonstrate the tangible benefits of Stelia IX, the company has conducted rigorous testing and real-world deployments. In a recent case study, a leading European ISP utilizing Stelia IX reported a 40% reduction in latency and a 25% increase in network throughput, coupled with a remarkable 30% decrease in transit costs. These impressive metrics underscore the transformative potential of Stelia IX for optimizing network performance and driving cost efficiency. 

Unlike city-specific internet exchange points, Stelia IX offers a a state-of-the-art globally distributed Layer 3 Internet exchange service that complements existing IXs, to enable seamless connectivity and efficient data exchange across networks worldwide. Stelia IX is delivered on top of Stelia Fabric, leveraging its advanced infrastructure to provide high-performance, scalable interconnection services. Together with borderless peering capabilities and Autonomous System Number (ASN) independence, Telehouse Europe clients are able to dramatically extend their reach deep into distributed ecosystems. 

Stelia IX’s Layer 3 peering capabilities, coupled with advanced traffic engineering and intelligent routing protocols, ensure reduced latency, enhanced network performance, and optimized traffic flow. These features will drive success in delivering optimal user experiences in the face of surging demand for high-quality, low-latency connectivity. 

In addition to data volume growth, recent advancements in AI, 5G, and soon 6G, and IoT technologies have accelerated the shift towards edge computing and localized data processing. Stelia IX’s robust and flexible network infrastructure, bolstered by efficient routing algorithms and strategically connected peering points, enables seamless integration with edge data centres and IoT gateways. This empowers Telehouse Europe’s clients to harness the full potential of real-time and near-real-time applications, unlocking new possibilities for innovation and growth. 

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