Redefining High-Capacity in a Modern Network Context 

A blog post by Stelia’s CEO & Founder, Tobias Hooton Terms like “high-capacity” and “low-latency” are frequently used without proper context, becoming part of the standard marketing lexicon, much like the term “cloud.” Light has a finite speed, and all major optical or transmission network vendors acknowledge this limitation. Ethernet presents its own challenges, while […]

Data Movement vs. Data Mobility: A Critical Distinction 

A blog post by Stelia’s CEO & Founder, Tobias Hooton As we enter the era of AI and large-scale data management becomes a competitive differentiator for all businesses, it is essential for technology leaders to understand the difference between data movement and data mobility. You could say the chess board has been kicked over and […]

Stelia at Digital Infra Networks

Meet the Stelia Team in London on Tuesday 18th June 2024 at the Business Design Centre Would you like to learn more? Get in touch today to schedule a meeting at the show! Words of wisdom “The data center sector is the cornerstone to the growth of digitalization. The future relies on connectivity and bandwidth […]

GTC 2024: Nvidia’s AI Revolution and the Dawn of a New Computing Era

By Stelia’s Chief Marketing Officer, Paul Morrison This year’s red hot GTC (GPU Technology Conference) was a ground-breaking event that showcased Nvidia’s relentless pursuit of AI innovation and its transformative impact across industries. That this was the first in-person GTC since 2019 simply added to the rising mercury in San Jose. For those who couldn’t […]

Stelia IX: Redefining Interconnection for the era of AI

By Paul Morrison, CMO, Stelia AI is leading the digital transformation revolution and demands high-capacity, low-latency, and globally accessible interconnection solutions. Legacy Internet Exchanges (IXs), constrained by geographic limitations and proprietary vendor technologies, are struggling to keep pace with the evolving requirements of today’s data-intensive applications and changing traffic patterns. This is where Stelia IX […]

Stelia and Telehouse Europe Forge Partnership to Launch Revolutionary Stelia IX Solution

London, UK – 21 March 2024 – Two innovators come together to deliver efficient, high–capacity data exchange to meet the challenges of accelerating IP traffic volumes and harness the full potential of real-time and near-real-time applications . Stelia, a next-generation Internet carrier engineered for high-capacity native elastic connectivity services, and Telehouse Europe, a leading global data centre service provider, have today announced a […]